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Associate Degree in Applied Science in Pharmacy Technician (CCCJ)

The Associate of Science Degree in Pharmacy Technician programme has a duration of two (2) years, over four (4) semesters and a summer internship. Students who are enrolled in this programme will be exposed to industry practices and experiences. Although the curriculum is pharmacy-specific, students will be exposed to a wider range of courses, including more advanced courses in chemistry and accounting. Students will have a focus on the administrative aspects of the Pharmacy Technician duties.

Associate Degree in Business Studies (CCCJ)

The Associate degree in Business Studies is an excellent training option for anyone who has an aptitude for the world of business and commerce. The programme is aimed at addressing the needs of a wide cross section of individuals, whether there is a long-term objective to pursue a career in the field of management with a business organization, or to become an entrepreneur.

Associate Degree in Computer Applications and Business Studies (CCCJ)

The Applied Associate Degree in Computer Applications and Business Studies programme seeks to enable learners to acquire the skills and competencies needed to understand, analyze problems and find solutions in the areas of Human Resource Development, Marketing and Information Technology in a competitive and ever evolving market place.

Associate Degree in Computer Servicing and Electronics (CCCJ)

This dynamic programme is designed to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes to meet the needs of the various stakeholders within the Information technology and Electronics servicing Sector.

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice (CCCJ)

The programme focuses on criminal justice issues in modern societies. Juvenile justice, ethics in criminal justice, strategies of crime control and prevention, violence in communities as well as the influence of race, class, gender and other forms of social inequality on the administration of criminal justice are the focus of the courses.

CAPE in Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (LOCAL)

Certificate in Grade 12/13 Pathway Programme - Pathway 3 (LOCAL)

CXC/CSEC in Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (LOCAL)

Post Graduate Degree in Education (CCCJ)