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Associate Degree in Architectural and Construction Technology (CCCJ)

The Architectural and Construction Technology programme is a two-year Associate Degree with a total of 75 credits that seeks to provide individuals with theoretical, technical and vocational knowledge and skills that will lead to employment and further studies in the field of the built environment

Associate Degree in Associate Degree in Social Work (CCCJ)

Social Work is a profession concerned with helping individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. It aims to help people develop their skills and ability to use available resources and those of the community to resolve problems.

Associate Degree in Associate of Science Degree in Health and Wellness Tourism (CCCJ)

Associate Degree in Business Studies (CCCJ)

The Associate degree in Business Studies is an excellent training option for anyone who has an aptitude for the world of business and commerce. The programme is aimed at addressing the needs of a wide cross section of individuals, whether there is a long-term objective to pursue a career in the field of management with a business organization, or to become an entrepreneur.

Associate Degree in Computer Applications and Business Studies (CCCJ)

The Applied Associate Degree in Computer Applications and Business Studies programme seeks to enable learners to acquire the skills and competencies needed to understand, analyze problems and find solutions in the areas of Human Resource Development, Marketing and Information Technology in a competitive and ever evolving market place.

Associate Degree in Computer Servicing and Electronics (CCCJ)

This dynamic programme is designed to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes to meet the needs of the various stakeholders within the Information technology and Electronics servicing Sector.

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice (CCCJ)

The programme focuses on criminal justice issues in modern societies. Juvenile justice, ethics in criminal justice, strategies of crime control and prevention, violence in communities as well as the influence of race, class, gender and other forms of social inequality on the administration of criminal justice are the focus of the courses.

Associate Degree in Engineering (CCCJ)

Associate Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management (CCCJ)

This Associate Degree program prepares graduates to compete for various entry-level management careers in the food and beverage management, accommodations and travel and tourism and entertainment industries, depending upon which emphasis is selected.

Associate Degree in Management Information Systems (CCCJ)

The Associate Degree in Management in Information Systems (MIS) is both a practical and theoretical based course that will equip graduates with the requisite skills, knowledge and competencies in current and emerging technologies and concepts in Information Communication Technology.

BSc in Applied Computer Engineering Technology (CCCJ)

The Bachelors of Science in Applied Computer Engineering Technology is a two (2) year programme which complements the Associate of Science in Computer Servicing and Electronics by way of further honing students' applicative, evaluative, analytical,synthesis and creative skills.

BSc in Business Administration (CCCJ)

The programme is a dynamic one, where students will be exposed to industry practices and experiences during the delivery of the course units. The dynamism of the programme is enhanced given the methods of assessment applied in the teaching/learning process.

BSc in Computer Application and Business Studies (CCCJ)

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Application and Business Studies is a two year programme which compliments the Associate of Science in Computer Application and Business Studies by way of further honing students' analytical, evaluative, synthesis and applicative skills. The prominent feature of this programme is its merger of courses related to topics in computer studies and business administration; the programme requires its students to complete a total of twenty-two (22) courses.

BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management (CCCJ)

BSc in Management Information Systems (CCCJ)

This curriculum provides a broad perspective on how to use and apply the knowledge and tools of Information Systems, to the self and society. Students in this two year of the upper level of the degree programme will be encouraged to grapple with the complexities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, of ICT in their everyday life and workplaces.

CAPE in Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (LOCAL)

CXC/CSEC in Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (LOCAL)